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Oct 24, 2011

     For a person who has an eye disease and has to slow its progression, he / she may need to consume a minimum of 2 cups of pasta, chicken legs 5, 4 oz dry roasted almonds, 1 cup full of orange and a mangoes every day. This is not taking into account the recommended daily dose of at least 6 servings of carbohydrates, 1 portion of protein and fats, dairy and 2 servings of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables and other essential vitamins and minerals such as omega 3, iron, calcium, iodine and copper.
     Thus, a normal person can consume enough vitamins and minerals in combination with a healthy, balanced diet is a challenge. So I have some simple ideas on how to achieve this and ensure that your eyes to experience optimal care outlined. Remember how your parents used to say that if you eat carrots, you would have grown with amazing super vision? Well, apparently there is some truth in it! Carrots in all.

     Cut slices, rub or eat them raw. Carrots are roasted in salads, sandwiches, stir or as large as dippers for a snack. Eating an orange every day, or push it in fresh juice and pop a couple of blocks of ice. They taste delicious and are very rinfrescanti.Questo can be done so well with mango. Use of wheat germ oil to cook witha substitute to your regular vegetable oil. Fillet of beef and canned tuna are perfect for your daily intake of protein, selenium and zinc. Tuna in dosens especially ideal for salads, a fast grave voice-and-go lunch and an afternoon snack.
     Select more than rice noodles while cooking a meal. If you still have difficulty consuming enough food to the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals, taking supplements is a great and easy way to make sure that you need your eyes and body important nutrients on a daily basis get. I need only the fact that dietary supplements are not drugs and vitamins and minerals only just in a capsule form of stress compacted. They should not replace a healthy diet and a healthy active lifestyle balanced.
     The use of dietary supplements will ensure that the nutritional voids or defects cared for and are very complementary to the provision of optimal eye care and see health.As you can do is the best eye care as easy as eating the right foods, vitamins and minerals for them

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Our eyes are one of the most tired part of our body. We often neglect them, like showering after a long drive, long hours reading or browsing the computer. We should protect our eyes. Remember, some eye problems can lead to blindness.

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One of the things that I really fear is going blind and having to lose my sight. I am willing to do anything just to protect my eyes and keep my sight. We should not neglect our eyes and abuse it through over usage

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I really can't imagine a life without having a vision. If I have to eat every carrot I see just to increase the vitamin A in my body I will gladly do it

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